Consultation and Support for Community Organisations

We provide confidential online support and guidance to running a successful community organisation, based on 20 years personal experience and 6 years formal doctoral research .

Our knowledge and experience can help your organisation.

Having spent many years working for both government and the community sector in New Zealand Tina and Joe have developed a thorough understanding of what it takes to operate a successful community organisation, and of the environment in which they operate. This involvement prompted a 6 year Doctoral Thesis that explored issues confronting non- profit community organisations delivering health and social services in Tai Tokerau (Northland), New Zealand. The research aim was to elicit factors contributing to the success of community organisations in order to assist them to identify and overcome the difficulties they face. The results of this research have provided a broad-based source of knowledge which enables us to help you with the difficulties and challenges you face each day. What we offer is practical, down to earth advice, based on working at the coalface ourselves or with the people that work there. We offer advice on every phase of community organisation development and operation, and every individual aspect of governance, management and service delivery.

Support for community and non-for-profit organisations. Based in Northland, New Zealand.